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2013-06-02 05:50:15 by DrBoxface

Guess I'm gonna try and be a regular again

Rayman :D

2011-06-18 04:35:56 by DrBoxface

Well ive been workin on a rayman collab its gonna be awesome Looking at the host he knows his Sh!t
but working on this animation has made me realise something i haven't played rayman since primary school so i guess its time to play rayman 1 again :D


2011-06-10 12:04:07 by DrBoxface

I have returned to newgrounds to make up for lost time
I have a new project that will hopefully be finished and submitted by the end of the month
well since i know im just talkin to myself here im gonna finish up catcha on the flippy dip


2010-12-30 01:34:19 by DrBoxface

I have no idea what to animate or do and im bored and have a lot of spare time i wanna make a retro collab but i dont have the experience to do so...

so if anyone wants to host it it would be a bit of fun i have an idea for space invaders bbut its not long enough for a solo project

Well I got My laptop Back

2010-11-06 21:51:30 by DrBoxface

I got my laptop back YAY but part of the reason my laptop was broken was the Broken hard drive :(
so now i have to find a way to get flash again *FRUSTRATION* but in the endi hope to start animating again

broken laptop

2010-06-29 14:39:05 by DrBoxface

my laptop broke :( now i have to wait until its repaired fuken dumb hp well ill see u more often when im repairec atleast its free :)

alien episode 2 the arrival

2010-06-17 11:57:48 by DrBoxface

alright ive made a short general named general short
he small but has the rough voice of a drill sargeant he ill play an important part in the story leading into episode 3

alien episode 2 the arrival


2010-06-15 19:28:24 by DrBoxface

Im a medocre artists so i wnat mediocre results and now that is out of the way so...
im doing a blog report for all my non existent fans eagerly awaiting
:.:.alien 2:the arrival.:.: so far i have the episode all planned out in head and im ready to make it after i finish my work on the my day collaboration. Ive really been enjoying i get 2 parts :) as for quality i thinks its higher then alien 1 after all it is my second effort at something good.
that doesnt include master quest which me and my mate made in year 7 we did everything frame by frame. it was awesome but im sure if i could look back on it now it would be pure shit.
but luckily all i hold are fond memories of the time me and a freind made game nerds inc animations <<<<<dumb name but hey we were in yr 7
if only i stuck with animating but after i chose animation as an elective i couldnt stand it the teacher had all these guide lines that turned me off flash for a couple of years so generally i didnt do my work.

But now i have a serious addiction to new grounds and want to contibute as much as i can so if anyone has any collabs they now about with spare slots or if u want someone to make a thing just ask me i like to have a couple of things going so if i hit a wall with one i can go to the other you know keep myself busy.

ansyway im just gonna finish coz i dont see anyone reading this all the way through as it is later. :D


2010-06-13 12:06:22 by DrBoxface

I actually made it to newgrounds.

i finally got a flash past judgement without any of this annoying crew shit mind you
it has no clock no cats no fucking anything....except for an alien.

now to start production on number 2 all i need now is access to a mouse and not a mouse pad.
With the creation of number 2 i plan to work harder animating the backgrounds
adding more detail adding some humour. for number 2 the story will be about how he got to earth which will hopefully build a bit of story for number3.

I hope to have number 2 out before 1 is taken off as the score is low on 1
(i can see why) and well if episode 1 is taken off ill just remake it with beter quality. Mind You i hope to avoid having to do that and remember


My newest projest

2010-06-04 21:58:57 by DrBoxface

this time im actually goin for it im trying to make a real animation i hope to have it finished within the week.(ive been working on it for about a week and a half already)

This animation is call ALIENZ: The Shop.
its about an alien that doesnt want an apple for breakfast so he decides to go to the shops to buy pancakes. On the way he encounters humans what happens!
Youll just have to wait and see.

heres a screenshot and i hope there will be many more episodes to come.
if your interested in helping make it better doing some voices for upcoming episodes etc just p.m. me

My newest projest